Malu & Greg

Capturing Timeless Moments in Washington DC

In spring, I had the privilege of photographing Malu and Greg's American wedding in Washington DC, where I had an amazing opportunity to capture special moments and experience hospitality and warmth that I will never forget. The beautiful celebration took place at the stunning District Winery, which offered its own crafted wines in gorgeous surroundings with enchanting views of the Anacostia River. The journey to this destination wedding provided me with yet another unforgettable experience.

Washington DC is renowned for its breathtaking beauty, and the blossom season is a particularly special time of the year when the city transforms into a painting of pastel colors and an abundance of flowers. It all began in 1912 when Japan donated thousands of cherry blossom trees to the USA as a gesture of friendship. These trees were planted along the Potomac River and in East Potomac Park, and every spring, they bloom in all their splendor. Blossom season in Washington has now become an iconic event, where people gather to celebrate and admire nature's spectacular display.

Before the ceremony, we ventured to the beautiful trees, which provided a stunning backdrop for their love-filled photographs. Malu had previously shared with me that the blossom season was the reason they chose that day for their ceremony.

American weddings often tend to be larger and more extravagant compared to Danish weddings. It is not uncommon to see extensive guest lists, lavish decorations, and impressive wedding cakes in American weddings. Malu and Greg managed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where everyone had a fantastic day and evening, and their guests felt included and welcomed.

By embracing American wedding traditions, Malu and Greg created a festive and inclusive atmosphere that celebrated their love and attracted friends and family from near and far.

The following day, I was invited to join them for brunch at Datcha Beer Garden with friends and family, followed by a thrilling baseball game at NAT Stadium. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the honor of being your photographer for both your Danish and American weddings, and I am immensely grateful for being included in a day of joy with friends and family after the wedding. It was two truly amazing days.

THANK YOU, Malu and Greg! 🤍